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Siding & Accessories

Steel Siding

Typically referred to in gauge (ga) units. The acceptable range for post-frame buildings is 24 - 30 ga (.014" to .0195"). The smaller the gauge, the thicker the steel. Therefore, 26 ga steel is thicker than 29 ga steel by around 30%. While a thicker panel should perform better than a thinner panel, other factors must be considered beyond just thickness alone. Consider the shape, tensil yield and also the coating (paint) quality.

Siding Accessories

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Our Imperial Rib® panel system has an overall rib height of 3/4" (compared to most vendors who use a 5/8" height) and an extra bead down the higher ribs for added strength. Take our 60ksi tensil yield into account and you get a stronger building exterior that is less prone to dents and/or fastener tears.

Overall Features:

  • Full hard, 26- and 29-gauge steel manufactured to ASTM A792 Grade 80 specifications for Galvalume and ASTM A653
  • Grade 80 for Galvanized. Minimum tensile strength of 80,000 PSI.
  • UL790 Class A for fire resistance and UL 2218/Class 4 impact resistance rating to withstand the most severe weather, including ice, driving wind, or heavy snow.
  • Heavy, hot-dipped zinc-aluminum coating on all bare and painted products for maximum corrosion and edge protection, low maintenance and durability. Galvalume products have a 20-year substrate warranty.
  • Acrylic coating on bare panel improves the performance and applicability of the unpainted Galvalume or Galvanized sheet. No oils are applied, making installation safer and easier.
  • Purlin bearing rib provides stability during application.
  • Available with a 40-year limited paint warranty. Please see our Color Chart for color availability.
  • Employs our state-of-the-art siphon groove, a drain channel that guards against wind, rain, and snow; eliminating leaks.