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Door & Track Systems

Track Systems and Accessories

We utilize three varieties of sliding door track including all the accessories necessary to complete the sliding doors for your project.

Track Systems Combo Track: Combo track is self-cleaning and self-aligning. Its unique, flat top design imparts extra strength to the track, which eliminates deflection from heavy, rolling doors. It is made of 14 gauge, galvanized, high carbon steel that is roll formed to assure maximum uniformity over its entire length. Galvanized steel mounting brackets are projection welded on the top of the track at 2-foot intervals.

PlyTrac: Plytrac combines the benefits of Combo track, including heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel, with the versatility of allowing you to choose the mounting bracket appropriate for your specific application. Brackets are attached using a unique "key hole" design.

Sliding Door Track Accessories: A complete line of accessories to complete your sliding door track project. These include trolley hangers, track brackets, cover and trim, latches and pulls, and guides and stops.

Slide Door Rail Components

Slide Door Rail ("SDR") components come in both 1 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch systems. Our SDR provides:

Extra Door Strength: Strong, extruded-aluminum verticals combine with 20 gauge, galvanized steel box girts to increase overall door strength.

Attractive Appearance: Durable, pre-finished aluminum verticals and bottom rails provide long, maintenance free life. Our 1 1/2 inch system comes in 5 popular colors (white, brown, charcoal, evergreen and hickory moss). The 3 1/2 inch system comes standard in white.

Design Capability: An extra leg in the "J" trim hides cut metal. Extra deep and extra-wide nail/screw grooves hide almost any fastener.

Energy Efficiency: Optional vinyl weather strip on the verticals wipe against the jambs to seal the opening from outside weather.

We offer all of the components you need including box girt, vertical rail, bottom rail, guide rails and center guides. All of our systems are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.