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What is a pole barn?

Pole construction is building with poles that are embedded in the ground and used to support the walls, roof and floor framing (if any).

The poles are normally pressure treated wood and set in concrete. The wall and roof framing is wood and is therefore easy for the average homeowner to work with. These buildings typically have metal siding and roofs. They have an attractive appearance and make excellent buildings for farm use, home storage or garages.

Why pole barn construction?

Pole Barns provide an inexpensive building for animals and equipment storage. Minimum site work is required other than digging holes for the poles. Construction labor and material costs are less than traditional building. Pole construction has high resistance to wind damage and low maintenance requirements. These barns also lend themselves well to kits for the do-it-yourself person.

What does a pole barn cost?

It depends on the usual things - size, height, style of roof, type of doors etc. Pole barns built from plans or do-it-yourself kits can be easily custom designed to your requirements and will save you money over the cost of a site built barn. Expect to save from 45% to 60% of what a site built pole barn will cost you.